The TopDollar Hour - Episode 87

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The Whitlams - "Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst)" (Love This City)

Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off (Craig Finn)" (Tiny Changes: A Tribute to Frightened Rabbit)

Nobuo Kamei & The Spacemen - "佐渡おけさ (Sado Bon Dance Song)" (Awa Crazy Dance/Japanese Folks Songs In Elec.Guitars [阿波踊り/エレキギターで民謡を])

Cotton Mather - "My Before and After (Live)" (Innocent Street)

Tin Machine - "Baby Universal (BBC 1991)"

Roger Klug - "Tinnitus" (More Help For Your Nerves)

B Boys - "Instant Pace" (Dudu)

Jets to Brazil - "Mid-Day Anonymous" (Four Cornered Night)

Penelope Isles - "Not Talking" (Until the Tide Creeps In)

The Freshies - "Photograph" (Rough'n'Ready)

Gauche - "Boom Hazard" (A People's History of Gauche)

Mike Krol - "A Million Times" (i hate jazz)

Oranjuly - "If I Could Break Your Heart" (Oranjuly)

The Cavedogs - "La La La (original demo)" (Fall Back In It)

Low - "Lord, Can You Hear Me? [Spacemen 3 cover]" (A Tribute To Spacemen 3)

The TopDollar Hour - Episode 86

TDH86 Promo.jpg

Bill Strength - "Hillbilly Hades" (Hillbillies In Hell: Country Music's Tormented Testament (1952-1974) The Resurrection)

Girl Friday - "Decoration/Currency" (Fashion Conman)

Horse Jumper of Love - "Ur Real Life Dress" (So Divine)

Necking - "Rover" (Cut Your Teeth)

Snail Mail - "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in The World" (Habit EP)

Lucy Dacus - Forever Half Mast

Sarah Bethe Nelson - "Pour It Through Me" (Weird Glow)

Honey Radar - "Swan Demonstration" (Ruby Puff of Dust)

Billy Harvey - "Invisible" (Pie)

Mal Blum - "I Don't Want To" (Pity Boy) (See Me - video)

The Cavedogs - "Midnight Hour" (Fall Back In It)

Night Moves - "Angelina" (Can You Really Find Me)

METZ - "Wet Blanket [Demo]" (Automat)

Jesca Hoop - "Outside Of Eden (Featuring Kate Stables And Justis)" (Stonechild) (video link)

The TopDollar Hour - Episode 85 (Dead Air Fresheners special)



Dead Air Fresheners - Brother Calls

Produced by Pascal Lee with Dead Air Fresheners

A new age monster is born in a playground. Before the children and before the weather an assemblage was recorded. Two brothers had a dialog that sounded like a monologue. Nobody knows what happened to the number six. One xylophone and three metal flowers, occasionally three analog tone generators we found in the street. One brother calls another. Van, garage, and hotel room studios. Press rewind.

Interview with members of Dead Air Fresheners and featuring songs from “Brother Calls”

“Brother Calls”

“Brother Rewinder”

“The Comodification Of Play”

“Above the Encampment”

“Brother Calls Reprise”


Dead Air Fresheners

Postmoderncore Records