The TopDollar Hour - Episode 89

TDH89 Promo.jpg

Joy Again - "Rats" (Piano)

Culture Abuse - "Goo" (single)

Rosier - "Vie Pénible" (Vie Pénible)

Young Guv - "Patterns Prevail" (GUV I)

Big Star - "Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo) [Demo]" (Complete Third)

Purling Hiss - "Naut" (Interstellar Blue)

bad heaven ltd - "bed" (strength)

Superdrag - "Annetichrist" (Jokers W/ Tracers)

Lunch Lady - "Window" (Window [Single])

Goon - "Check Engine Light" (Heaven is Humming)

OH SEES - "Gholu" (Face Stabber)

Meat Wave - "That's Alright" (Meat Wave & Lifestyles [Split])

Joy Again - "Special Secret Medicine" (Piano)

Mr. Epp and the Calculations - "Out of Control" (It Crawled From The Basement)

The Chats - "Identity Theft" (*Identity Theft [Single])

Young Guv - "Roll With Me" (GUV I)

Yo La Tengo w/ Daniel Johnston- "Speeding Motorcycle [alt]" (Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo)

The TopDollar Hour - Episode 88

TDH88 promo.jpg

Imperial Teen - "Parade" (Now We Are Timeless)

Bozmo - "Hobby Job" (Hot Sick Vile And Fun - New Sounds From San Francisco)

Anton Barbeau - "Berliner Grotesk" (Berliner Grotesk)

Dry Cleaning - "Magic Of Meghan" (Sweet Princess)

Well Read Seals - "Anywhere But Here" (Hot Sick Vile And Fun - New Sounds From San Francisco)

Teen Body - "Dreamo" (Dreamo)

Grace Cashmere (Grace Sings Sludge) - "I Waited" (Hot Sick Vile And Fun - New Sounds From San Francisco)

Redd Kross - "The Party Underground" (Single)

Ada Lea - "Yanking The Pearls Off Around My Neck" (What We Say In Private)

Vivian Girls - "Sick" (Memory)

The TopDollar Hour - Episode 87

TDH87 promo.jpg

The Whitlams - "Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst)" (Love This City)

Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off (Craig Finn)" (Tiny Changes: A Tribute to Frightened Rabbit)

Nobuo Kamei & The Spacemen - "佐渡おけさ (Sado Bon Dance Song)" (Awa Crazy Dance/Japanese Folks Songs In Elec.Guitars [阿波踊り/エレキギターで民謡を])

Cotton Mather - "My Before and After (Live)" (Innocent Street)

Tin Machine - "Baby Universal (BBC 1991)"

Roger Klug - "Tinnitus" (More Help For Your Nerves)

B Boys - "Instant Pace" (Dudu)

Jets to Brazil - "Mid-Day Anonymous" (Four Cornered Night)

Penelope Isles - "Not Talking" (Until the Tide Creeps In)

The Freshies - "Photograph" (Rough'n'Ready)

Gauche - "Boom Hazard" (A People's History of Gauche)

Mike Krol - "A Million Times" (i hate jazz)

Oranjuly - "If I Could Break Your Heart" (Oranjuly)

The Cavedogs - "La La La (original demo)" (Fall Back In It)

Low - "Lord, Can You Hear Me? [Spacemen 3 cover]" (A Tribute To Spacemen 3)