The Top Dollar Ten - September 2017

Even though it’s a bit late for a September top ten, gosh darn it, this playlist is swell as heck! Every song is filled with goosebumps, daydreams and a good cry or two. Beware of emotional catharsis! (just enjoy ‘em) Oh, they’re not in any order.

Underlined Passages – Ruthenia
I’d like to meet Ruthenia.

Tobin Sprout - Atom Eyes (sprite version)
Eternally in high rotation

Lusterlit - Nothing
Comfort in nothing.

Karla Kane - Don't Hush, Darling
A lullaby. The lullaby.

Driving home alone

SAL MINEO - Sharp Dressed Man
No nonsense biography.

Elvis Costello - Girls Talk (alt. Version)
I don't ask questions.

Grant Hart - The Main (acoustic)
This is how I define Mr. Hart.

Michael Cera  w/ Sharon Van Etten - Best I Can
Playful, sweet and pure.

Courtney Farren - Change Your Mind
I tear up remembering second chances that'll never happen.