The TopDollar Hour - Episode 54

TDH54 Promo.jpg

Jeff Rosenstock - Yr Throat

As Vex Approaches Infinity - 11:57:30
Xylitol - (I Don't Wanna Be) Punished
Los Monjes - Batman (1966)
Lithics - Labor
Cosmic Halitosis - I'm Never Getting Outta Bed Again

Twelves - Venice Kanika
Jim James - Baby Don't Go
Sunflowers - Castle Spell
Idles - Stendhal Syndrome
The Fall - I Feel Voxish

Willie Nelson - No Place for Me
Palberta - She Feels That Way
Palberta - She Feels That Way Electric
Mel Tillis - Mental Revenge

Body Futures - No Points for Second Place
BEHAVIOR - Nice Café
The Shitdels - Pony
Ho99o9 - City Rejects 

The Secret Society of the Sonic Six - Into The Night
Institute - Good Ol' Boys
Ranx/Xerox - Zero Hour
Wess & The Airedales - I'll Never Turn My Back On You

Peter Perrett - An Epic Story
The Dirty Truckers - Boston Wrangler
HARAM - انا مي,؟ انتا مين؟ "Who am I, Who are you?"
Cheap Whine - Kasumi

Chiller - Heretic
The Wirms! - Brenda Sue
Sunflowers - I Saw A Ghost
Lucille Furs - Carrie & Judy
A View Of Earth From The Moon - Casa Batllo 

Palace - You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out