The TopDollar Hour - Episode 57

TDH57 Promo.jpg

Sloan - The Day Will Be Mine

La Luz - Cicada
Xiu Xiu - Eat Me Alive
Dom Flemons - Charmin' Betsy
Swans - Where Does a Body End?
Eels - Archie Goodnight
Hurry - When I'm With You

Anton Barbeau - Magazine Street
The Yawpers - No Going Back
Frankie Cosmos - As Often As I Can
Sloan - Essential Services
Parker Longbough - Jack Ryan

Four Dimensional Nightmare - Electromagnetic Interactions
Pale Kids - St. Theresa
Le Rug - The Loveless Fuzz
honeychain - Going Through Your Purse
Gulfer - Secret Stuff 

Naked Giants - Easy Eating
The Limbos - Playing Poker With Sheriff Bunny
Møtrik - Impossible/OK
Peach Kelli Pop - Pitch Black
Sloan - All Of The Voices

Archie and The Bunkers - Laura
The Bombpops - I Call Bullshit
Kitten Forever - No Man's Land
Dusted - Outline of a Wolf

The Pandoras - Dark November
Good Throb - You're Shit
Juliana Hatfield - I Honestly Love You
Sonny Baker - Comfortable

The Rock*A*Teens - Go Tell Everybody
Superchunk - Erasure
Lithics - Specs
Sloan - Spin Our Wheels

The Breeders - Dawn: Making an Effort