The TopDollar Hour - Episode 73

TDH73 promo.jpg

Butthole Surfers - Hay (Locust Abortion Technician)
Telekinesis - Like Nothing (Effluxion)
Amanda Palmer - Machete (There Will Be No Intermission)
Deer MX - Biting a Spectrum (Biting a Spectrum - Single)
Sabu - Aggo Elegua (Palo Congo)
The Demos - Nervous (If You Only Knew - E.P.)
Body/Negative - Jamais Vu (Epoche)
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming (Bone Machine)
Yves Jarvis - Constant Change (The Same But By Different Means)
Le Butcherettes - father/ELOHIM (bi/MENTAL)
Andy Hull and Robert McDowell - Cotton Eye Joe (Swiss Army Man)
The Beach Boys - I Know There’s an Answer (Pet Sounds)
Ages and Ages - Just My Luck (Just My Luck)
Nyles Lannon - Love Again (The Cloud and the Sea)
The Dates - Summer Girls (Ask Again Later)
Damien Jurado - Lincoln (In the Shape of a Storm)