The TopDollar Hour - Episode 76

TDH76 Promo.jpg

Big Ups - Body Parts *Eighteen Hours Of Static*

SWMRS - IKEA Date *Berkeley's on Fire*

Luna - Speedbumps *Rendezvous*

Apex Manor - Under the Gun *The Year of Magical Drinking*

Television - See No Evil *Marquee Moon*

Titus Andronicus - No Future Part IV : No Future Triumphant *The Most Lamentable Tragedy*

Redd Kross - Choose to Play *Researching the Blues*

Les Lullies - What You're Doing *The Last Testament*

The Hold Steady - The Bear and the Maiden Fair *Game of Thrones Season 3*

Jawbreaker - Condition Oakland *24 Hours Revenge Therapy *

The dB’s - That Time Is Gone *Falling Off the Sky*

Nave Nodriza - Muérete *The Last Testament*

Cotton Mather - Call Me the Witch *Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins*

Cloud Nothings - In Shame *Last Building Burning*

Sonic Youth - Ghost Bitch *Bad Moon Rising*