The TopDollar Hour - Episode 83

TDH83 promo.jpg

Amyl and The Sniffers - "Starfire 500" (Amyl and The Sniffers)

*Repeat Repeat - "TTB" (Glazed)

christian fitness - newly colonised moon (you are the ambulance)

The Successful Failures - "Love You So" (Saratoga)

Pip Blom - "Set of Stairs" (Boat)

French Vanilla - "Friendly Fire" (How Am I Not Myself?)

J. Robbins - "Abandoned Mansions" (Un-Becoming)

Starflyer 59 - "Smoke" (Young In My Head)

Flying Lotus - "Pilgrim Side Eye" (Flamagra)

Together Pangea - "Dispassionate" (Dispassionate - EP)

The Minus 5 - "Bleach Boys and Beach Girls" (Stroke Manor)

Altameda - "Wish Upon The Weather" (Time Hasn't Changed You)

Miss June - "Best Girl" (Bad Luck Party)

Kitty Kat Fan Club - "You Got Me Modernized" (Dreamy Little You)

The Gotobeds - "Debt Begins at 30 (Alt)" (Debt Begins at 30)

Flying Lotus - "Fire Is Coming (feat. David Lynch)" (Flamagra)