The TopDollar Hour - Episode 90

TDH90 Promo.jpg

Off With Their Heads - "Disappear" (Be Good)

Lunch Duchess - "Cry Pt. II" (Crying for Fun)

Dry Cleaning - "Good Night" (Sweet Princess)

Savak - "I Left America" (Cut Ups)

Big Ups - "Wool" (Eighteen Hours Of Static)

Tropical Fuck Storm - "Desert Sands of Venus" (Braindrops)

The Hold Steady - "The Stove & The Toaster" (Thrashing Thru The Passion)

The Beatles - "Christmas Time Is Here Again"

METZ - "Pig (Sparklehorse)" (M.E.)

Lina Tullgren - "Glowing x 10000" (Free Cell)

Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Sitting with Thoughts" (Zdenka 2080)

The Shivas - "Gloria" (single)

The Soft Boys - "Fatman's Son" (A Can of Bees)

Lunch Lady - "Preacher Man" (Angel)

Black Belt Eagle Scout - "You’re Me and I’m You" (At the Party With My Brown Friends)