The TopDollar Hour - Episode 92

TDH92 promo.jpg

Jay Som - Peace Out (Anak Ko)

Redd Kross - Jone Hoople (Beyond The Door)

That Bastard is Dead Too - (5 Shaolin Masters Soundtrack)

Lunch Lady - Snakes (Angel)

Tracy Bryant - Everending Story (Hush)

Pete Willsher & Keith Cheshire - Dr. Witch-Wot (Kung Fu Super Sounds)

White Reaper - Another Day (The World's Best American Band)

Necking - Rover (Cut Your Teeth)

Snail Mail - Habit (Habit EP)

Field Mouse - Plague No. 8 (Meaning)

The Friggs (USA) - Come Now (1991) (Lo-Fi Ladies, Vol. 1)

Allan Zovod - a selection from (Howling III: The Marsupials Soundtrack)

Isao Bito - Wild Cry (Take A Walk On The Psychedelic Side)

Kim Gordon - Sketch Artist (single)

Oh, Rose - Harrypotterjuana (While My Father Sleeps)

They Might Be Giants - Youth Culture Killed My Dog (1985 Demo Tape)

Le Big Zero - Dryer Lint Trap (Ollie Oxen Free)

The Needs - Summerbore (You Need the Needs)

Mal Blum - Splinter (Pity Boy)

Young Guv - Didn't Even Cry (GUV I)