The TopDollar Hour - Episode 93

TDH93 Promo.jpg

Miss June - Aquarium (Bad Luck Party)

Stone Irr - Nosedive (Performance)

Peter Laughner - Sylvia Plath (Pledging My Time 1973-1977 [Disc Three])

Iggy Pop - Free (single)

Milly - Crazy Horse ("Talking Secret" / "Crazy Horse" - Single)

girl in red - i wanna be your girlfriend (Beginnings)

Bobby Hawk - Lights On Kinks Out (Lights on Kinks Out)

Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex (Norman Fucking Rockwell!)

Adam Green - Freeze My Love (Engine of Paradise)

Peter Laughner - First Taste of Heartache (Pledging My Time 1973-1977 [Disc Three])

Squid - Savage (Town Centre)

girl in red - bad idea! (Beginnings)

The Safes - Baggage Claim (Winning Combination)

Mean Jeans - What The Fuck Is Up Tonight? (Gigantic Sike)

Miss June - Please Waste My Time (Bad Luck Party)